Back pain? These acupressure techniques will give you instant relief


With the current lifestyle, backpain is unavoidable. Sitting on the chair for long hours is no less than an invitation to body pain. Backpain is quite common but it shouldn’t be ignored. Back pain can even be caused due to sports injuries or lifting something too heavy and improperly. In some adults, pain might be chronic and can require a doctor visit. Besides treating it with ice packs and pain-relief balms, you can also resort to acupressure.

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine technique in which pressure is applied with a finger, thumb or device to specific points on the body. Studies have found acupressure helpful in treating various kinds of body pain, insomnia and stomach related problems and even back pain.

Here are some acupressure points for back pain that will give you instant relief.


Relax and sit down. The acupressure point in the foot is basically that portion where the first two toe bones meet. Press this point for two minutes rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise. Repeat this three-four times. The pressure should be of low and high intensities alternatively.


The acupressure point is between the index finger and the thumb. Press the point on both hands for five to six times. You need to do this alternatively on both the hands.


The third acupressure point is on the elbow. For this, you first need to sit comfortably. To get hold of the acupressure point, raise your elbow a bit. Then, follow the elbow bone and four-finger spaces from your elbow, you will find this acupressure point. Press the points for about 30 seconds each for about 3-4 times for relief.