Alia’s reaction to Kangana’s calling her ‘apolitical


Alia Bhatt has suddenly become Kangana‘s target. Be it any press conferences or events, the Manikarnika actress can’t help but talk about Alia Bhatt. In one such event, Kangana lashed out at Alia Bhatt for not voicing her opinion about political issues.

Recently, Alia was quizzed about the same allegations that Kangana made on her, the actress calmly replied that she does have an opinion but unlike others she likes to keep it to herself. Alia said that her dad Mahesh Bhatt always says that the world is full of so many opinions and there’s actually no need for another one. Alia further added that while she loves Kangana’s speaking abilities she herself can’t talk such candidlyFor those unaware it’s not for the first time that Kangana has lashed out on Alia. Earlier too Kangana said that Alia is a puppet of Karan Johar and had no spine. Even at that time, Alia very calmly stated that she hasn’t done anything intentionally to make Kangana upset, and if there’s any issue between them she would like to resolve it personally and not publicly.

via: Economic times