Achievers will be honoured at Global Achievers Forum Awards, 2017


Global Achievers Forum is a platform to acknowledge the efforts of professionals and entrepreneurs who matter the most to Smart City Ludhiana. These are the individuals who have excelled, been innovative and have contributed meaningfully to the development of our city by their services.

The most outstanding aspect of Ludhiana and its people is the sound balance they have maintained between modernity and their age old rich culture and tradition. No wonder, it’s called the ‘Cultural-cum-industrial capital of Punjab’ as well as ‘The Manchester of India’.


Where city is built on the pillars of entrepreneurship and is home to some of India’s oldest business families and it has many new enterprises and key units contributing in improving standard of living and happiness index of all of us.

Ludhiana is ambitious, inventive, and entrepreneurial. Where the city has many family run businesses passing recipe of bring smiles on customer face from one generation to another it is equally welcoming to those who step in with nothing more than a penny in their pocket and dreams in their head to make it big in life.
Abhishek Upadhyaya, CEO- STEPUP HR along with his corporate mentors initiated GAF Awards is to make every such successful enthusiast have a proud moment amongst his/her family, kids, spouse or the entire community since they’re the ones who have gone beyond the call of duty. StepUp HR team including Bela Sethi and Swikar Sethi put their best make event a success by making the target audience participate in this event as concept is new for the city.

Global Achievers Forum is planning to have similar events for some more promising SMART CITY of India post Ludhiana event like Indore, Nagpur, Jaipur etc along with some Management and Industry Awards. We thank to our media partners for their great support for the event and our Jury Members including Mr G P Rao- Management Consultant, Mr. Sukhjit Pasricha- Indigo Airlines, Dr Suresh K Chaddha- Professor UBS, Chandigarh, Ms Rajni Bector- Founder Cremica Cremica Group, Ms.Bela Sethi, COO- StepUp HR. We as well thank to team of Step UP Global Research for being our knowledge partners. Event is Powered by StepUp Buildtech (Innovative Building Material Distribution Company with plans to provide all building material under one roof) and Stonex India. Media Partner is Times of India, Event Managed by Dreams to reality, Event covered by Darpan Studio, and Event is hosted at Park Plaza on May 14th, 2017. Entries are only with invitation.