5 Reasons Why The OnePlus 5 Will Be The Most Badass Phone This Year


It’s not been long since the OnePlus 3T was unleashed into the wild, and rumors for the upcoming OnePlus 5 are already abuzz.

Oddly so, it seems the next phone from OnePlus will be called the ‘5’ instead of the ‘4’. Here are 5 features that will make it the most badass phone ever

  1. Internal Specs

The latest Snapdragon 835 processor might be powering the OnePlus 5 if they have enough stock after catering to the popular Samsung Galaxy S8.


  1. Display

The OnePlus 5 will pack in a beautiful new dual-curved glass body. With a Quad-HD AMOLED display, this screen will resemble the one seen on the latest Galaxy S8.]


  1. Camera

The highlight of the OnePlus 5 is expected to be its 23MP rear camera that, combined with the Snapdragon 830/835, is expected to provide better shooting performance and imagery.


  1. Battery

One of OnePlus’ biggest features has been the incorporation of Dash Charging. This super fast charging technology will be a part of the OnePlus 5, alongside a possibly bigger battery capacity.


  1. Pricing

Another major selling point of OnePlus phones is the price. Selling at almost half the price of Samsung, HTC, Sony flagships, OnePlus definitely has the most value-for-money devices.