5+ Bollywood Couples that Make You Believe in LOVE

  • Article by Preeti Yadav
Bollywood industry has seen some great friendships, rivalry, and break-ups. What stands out amongst this are the couples that are getting stronger over the time period despite vast differences and competition.
So we decided to bring for you 5 Bollywood couples who are giving major couple goals. (Already taking notes)
  1. Newbie Romance: Ranbir-Alia

After Alia dropped the bomb that she always wanted to marry Ranbir, the two soon started dating. The newbie couple seems to be the most suited, well-matched couple of Bollywood. Rumors are that the couple might get married once the shoot for Brahmastra is packed up.


  1. Taking the Next Step: Ranveer-Deepika

The list remains incomplete without including the ‘soon-to-be hitched’ couple. According to an article in Filmfare, the couple will tie knots in Italy on November 20. The wedding is going to be a private affair with a guest list of only 30 people. (Waiting for the pictures!)


  1. Baby On Board: Angad-Neha

Did you know that Angad had proposed to Neha 4 years back and she rejected him? (I would have totally said yes!) It was only recently that he again came with the proposal that he sees his future with her. The newly married couple is soon expecting their first baby after tying knots on May 10, 2018.


  1. Rocking The Married Life: Saif- Kareena

A successful marriage is a balance of two people who are willing to hold hands forever. This Patuadi Nawab and Bebo didn’t let the difference of 11 years in their age get in the way and tied knots in 2012.(They are so in love!!)
The couple was blessed with a boy, Taimur, in December 2016, who has already become a paparazzi favorite ever since birth.


  1. The Forever Spark: Javed- Shabana

One of the ‘hashtag going strong’ couples of the B-town. In an interview, Javed sahab stated that they are friends. Their friendship is so strong that even marriage could not break it. Now those are realistic goals, aren’t they?


Break k Baad: Anurag- Kalki

For bonus, we bring to you a post break up couple. They walked down the aisle in April, 2011. Soon they separated in 2013 and filed for divorce in 2015. Even after divorce, the couple continues to be friends, chat, and often meet. In fact, Anurag admits that it was Kalki whom he first told about his love interest with his assistant director Sabrina Khan. (Now that’s a bond we can get behind!)
These were our choice of the couples. Do let us know about your favorite Bollywood Jodi. Don’t forget to tag your BAE and to share the article with your friends. (BRB… dialing BOYFRIEND).