Who wouldn’t like to lose weight? And who wouldn’t like to lose weight the simple way? You may agree, we all do! We look for ways to ease down the weight loss journey and resort to ways like fad diets that promise to help you cut down on extra kilos in just a week. One of these easier ways is eating the same food or meal every day; you heard us! This diet actually promotes consuming the same boring diet till you shed some kilos. Imagine eating exact same breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. Sounds boring, but looks like it may have become quite the trend.

According to Consultant Nutritionist Dr. Rupali Datta, “Eating same food every day is boring; basically you get over it easily. It is okay for the ones who are dieting; so if you eat the same foods every day, chances are you will get bored of it and automatically eat smaller portions. However, this way you are lowering your metabolism rate, which is not good in the long run. Also, the moment you stop eating the same foods, that is when you would want to fulfil your urges of eating good (read: unhealthy) food only to gain weight again. This is a good way to lose weight quickly but is not the best way if you want to maintain your weight in the long run.”

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Eating same food every day is boring; basically you get over it easily

According to Bangalore based Nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood, “If it is a healthy way of eating, then I would say okay, you can eat same foods every day in order to lose weight, but I feel it is a myth. If you want to lose weight by eating same foods every day, add more protein to the diet as the body takes longer to digest protein-rich foods. Also add fibre-rich foods and lot of water to make it work.”

Basically, it is due to habit that the exposure of same food leads to body’s decreased response to a stimulus, which could be a possible tool for tackling obesity. Also, sticking to a set menu may become increasingly tough and your cravings for junk foods may spike like never before.


While this may be a viable way to lose weight, your body should be exposed to variety and essential nutrients that you may not get by eating the same foods again and again. In fact, according to Harvard School of Public Health, greater dietary variety of foods is associated with a decreased risk of obesity.


If you want to follow this diet, remember that it is good for short term goals but definitely not a good option for longer run. Also, consult your nutritionist before switching to same food every day.