From Deputy Commissioner’s Office: 10 Reasons Why Ludhiana Should Not Panic


Feel Safe, Ludhiana. Do not panic over rumors spread over social media, and read the following update.
The District Commissioner for Ludhiana, Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal, has ensured that following measures among others are in place to control any situation due to heavy rainfall in Punjab over the past three days:

1-All concerned officials have been monitoring the Dhussi Bandh 24X7.
2- Different flood control rooms have also been set up at the District Headquarter as well as in all sub-divisions of the district.
3- Punjab government has already issued a red alert in all districts of the state
4- The disaster Control Rooms have been activated
5- The Indian Army have been asked to remain on standby
6- Hotspots have been identified with clear evacuation and relief plans ready. Equipment to drain out flood waters have been kept in handy.
7- Sufficient stock of boats, oars, life-saving jackets, motor engines, sandbags, wireless system, manpower, machinery, and tarpaulins has been ensured and safe places have been earmarked
8- A team of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has also been asked to remain on standby so that their services can be taken if any situation arises.
9- The Health Department has been asked to remain ready to control the situation if any waterborne disease spreads
10- Electricity department officials have been instructed to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the hospitals

Public Notice:
Kindly note the following list of Flood- Control Rooms in Ludhiana District:
DC OFFICE LUDHIANA: 0161-2433100.
LUDHIANA (EAST): 0161-2400150.
LUDHIANA (WEST): 0161-2412555.
JAGRAON: 01624-223226.
SAMRALA: 01628-262354.
RAIKOT: 01624-264350
PAYAL: 01628-276892.
KHANNA: 01628-226091.
ANIMAL HUSBANDRY: 0161-5017728.
POLICE COMMISSIONERATE LUDHIANA: 100, 0161-2414932-33, 98158-00251, 78370-18500.
ARMY: 85589-40825.