Lohri Celebrations- Childhood Kindergarten


The festival of Lohri which marks the end of winters is celebrated across most Northern parts of India, especially in Punjab and Haryana. Today,i.e.11th January’2018, Childhood Kindergarten, Punjab Mata Nagar celebrated lohri with a lot of joy and excitement. In the morning, little boys and girls went from one class to another singing the famous song related to this festival i.e. ‘Sundar mundariye hoye’, to collect the funds for the bonfires, to be lit-up. They were told about the significance of the festival that the people pray to the Agni for abundant crops and prosperity, simultaneously putting in popcorns, peanuts and rayveris. Once the prayers were over, the prasad of til, peanuts, rayveri, puffed rice, popcorns, gajak and sweets was distributed to all the kids. Following this, teachers performed the traditional Punjabi folk dances- Bhangra and Giddha around the bonfire. Kids were thrilled to see the teachers dancing and joined them.

The school was decked up with kites, twine rolls and all the children were dressed up in traditional Punjabi dresses.All the kids were distributed lohri on this occasion.