JCI Ludhiana Central along with Round Table India 202 organised a social workshop


JCI Ludhiana Central alongwith Round Table India 202 organised a social workshop on eve of Children’s day on Sunday (tomorrow) 12th Nov. 2017 at Hyatt Regency, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana for children on Art & Craft of Fine Dining- Manners & Etiquettes.   Over 60 children attended the event.  President Arjun Pandit mentioned that “Such a workshop is happening first time in ludhiana where children will get to learn about table manners, cutlery to use, how to sit while dining, meal courses, social skills”  The event was conducted by Chef Hitesh Arora what has extensive experience in the field of hospitality. Children got to new about culinary vocabulary, different styles and cultural differences in dining across the world and also got to practice the same at the venue.  They say Good Manners will open doors that education cannot and with such workshops we hope to increase awareness of an important aspect of life.  Members from JCI Ludhiana present were President Arjun Pandit, IPP Lakshya Rai, Project Director Simran Kathuria and from Round Table India Chairman Ayush Jain, Secretary Vipin Singhal, Gautam Sehgal, Vinay Mittal and Kulwinder Tikka were present.  Soon they are planning another workshop for adults on the same topic.