Postpone Your Periods Naturally With These Home Remedies


Menstruation or period is a natural phenomenon in women, from 11 to 50 years of age, occurring every month, which bring out in them some physical attributes of a woman hence differentiating them from men. This cycle is very necessary for the normal functioning of the female body. But they may bring with them excessive flow, inconvenience and pain in some parts of the body, specifically in lower back, thighs and the abdomen. But on certain occasions, be it anything like a religious ceremony or your own wedding, it may become necessary for you to postpone them for a few hours or a couple of days. Though there are artificial substances in the market to do so, the best way is to delay your menstrual cycle naturally.

Artificial techniques of postponing period may backfire by causing side effects and hormonal imbalances. These side effects may lead to delayed period for the next few months, appearance of facial hair or on the chin. To avoid such situations sought to natural methods for help. A list of home remedies to postpone period is what you need in this case:

1. Avoid spicy food

Eating spicy food is a way to improve blood flow and initiate your menstrual cycle, but in case you wish to do the opposite, start avoiding all sorts of chillies, pepper and garlic. And when we say avoid, just eliminate the spicy foods altogether for results.

2. Vinegar

Another way to delay menstrual cycle naturally is to consume vinegar. A glass of filtered water and 3 to 4 spoons of vinegar two or three times a day would do it for you and postpone periods for 3 or even 4 days. Remember that drinking it would not be a very pleasant experience. So be prepared.

3. Gelatin

A packet of gelatin emptied into a bowl of water, dissolved throughout and you should drink it instantly. This help in delaying menstrual cycle naturally for 3 to 4 hours. Also, it can be taken multiple times, to avoid periods for as long as you want. But yes, no matter how natural the trick is, delaying period for too long would backfire in strange ways.

4. Exercise

Though it is a way to keep periods regular, exercising regularly can also be used as a means to avoid periods for a prolonged period of time. Try vigorous exercising (aerobics or some sport can be played) in order to curb early period or to reduce the pain and possibility of menstrual cramps.

5. Lemon

This citric fruit is a great source of vitamin C and one of the most useful home remedies to postpone periods or the least, limit or stop excessive flow. Chew or suck a lemon or take it along with some water to get the desired results. Though the results are not the same for everyone, this remedy may cause you some discomfort when you get your next period.

Home remedies to postpone periods may not be as harmful as drugs and hormones. Postponing your cycles for too long is anyway not a healthy practice and should not be tried too often.