Recipe: How to make Bel Sharbat



1 wood apple
500 ml water
1 handfuls mint leaves
1 tablespoon mishri
5 ice cubes
1 teaspoon cumin powder

How to make Bel Sharbat
Step 1
Cut the bel fruit (wood apple) into two pieces. Take a mixing bowl, remove the pulp with the help of spoon and mash it well. Add the water in it and refrigerate for 5-6 hours. Soaking the bel fruit in water makes it easy to dissolve the pulp which is otherwise hard.

Step 2
Remove from the fridge and again mash well so that the pulp mixes well in water. Now run through a strainer. Add roasted cumin powder, taal misari (palm sugar), water and stir well. Ensure that the mishri dissolves. If you do not have mishri, you can use normal sugar. In fact, if the bel fruit is sweet, it is advisable to go without sugar.

Step 3
Pour it in tall glasses, garnish with pinch of jeera powder and finely chopped mint leaves (optional). Add ice-cubes. Serve cold.